About Us

How we got started

Lew and Jennifer Van Meter purchased an established blueberry farm, then Sheets Blueberry Farm, in the fall of 2001. Their daughter Skyler was barely 1 year old. Deciding to name the farm after Skyler was easy – after all, she was The Princess! The Van Meter family made the move from Crown Point, IN (Jennifer’s hometown) to Wanatah, IN right after Christmas 2001. They spent the majority of the next few months frantically researching blueberry farming (and farming in general). They anxiously awaited the blueberry season.

The 2002 season did have its problems. Lew and Jennifer soon discovered they were basically “city-folk” and had to learn everything on-the-fly. Not to mention they had never run a U-Pick. The first season was a valuable learning experience. Both working full-time at regular jobs, they somehow made it through – with the help of everyone they knew. Without family and good friends, there wouldn’t have been a second season!

Thankfully, the 2003 and 2004 seasons were a little easier. The Van Meters had an idea of what worked for them and what didn’t and tried to establish their policies. A few things didn’t work as well as they hoped, but hey, you never know if you don’t try.

Both Lew and Jennifer continued to work full-time, and constantly think and breathe blueberries. They realize the farm still needs lots of work, and they are trying to make it better and better. The Van Meters have many plans for Blue Sky’s future. They hope you enjoy being a part of the progress.

“Why blueberry farming” you ask??? It started off as a joke. The Van Meters were looking for a house in Wanatah – a happy middle ground between Crown Point and Rochester, IN (Lew’s hometown area). While searching the internet listings, Jennifer found the Sheets farm for sale. She looked at Lew and said, “Hey, how about this? We like blueberries…”

…And the rest is history.


We have a new addition to the family! Kyle Van Meter was born in April 2006. Weighing in at 11 lbs 2 oz (that’s right you read ELEVEN POUNDS), we expect he will be driving the tractor next week. Wheeling me out of surgery (of course!) I said to Lew, “Well, I think you got the farmhand you’ve been wanting!” We always said to be fair, we’d have to name the next kid Blue. Luckily, Baby Blue got a real name 5 minutes before we left the hospital.

Welcome home Kyle!

blessed again

Daisy Van Meter was born in October 2007. She was tiny compared to her brother at only 7 lbs. Luckily, she loves blueberries as much as the rest of us! Daisy is a joy to us all, especially big sister Skyler and big brother Kyle.

Welcome home Daisy!


2021 celebrates our 20th Anniversary! Thank you for all the great years!